I’m In Love With A Church Girl – The Christian and Secular Perspective

Molina, now 42, forthrightly told me that back in the mids he was fairly high up in a major drug-trafficking ring, that imported cocaine from Costa Rica to the U. So, how did he go from that state of affairs to ministering at Evergreen Valley Church in San Jose and executive producing a faith based movie? On the other side of the equation, pulling him forward toward faith is Vanessa Adrienne Bailon , the girl of his dreams who he never would have dared dream of. He had three years to write the story which began in manuscript form while serving his own jail time. Though he had no prior experience as an author, the story flowed from heart to pen rather quickly — so quickly, in fact, that he had time to churn out two other stories which may be turned into movies as well. My life is like the tag line for the film: God uses extreme measures to deal with extreme circumstances. A pretty woman. It took a pretty woman to bring me around. The filmmaker credits his wife with bringing him to Christ. He was involved with drugs and…one thing led to another.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl

At the end of a boring day, I decided to peruse through Netflix for something to watch. And like the fridge, sometimes Netflix offers you a nice lasagna and other times it offers a moldy avocado that rotted at the bottom of the vegetable crisper for three weeks. The film opens lovely shots of the water, followed by prison scenes. Ja Rule talks about God over it. Uh oh. Miles takes us back to the halcyon days of when he was a big-time drug dealer.

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October 17, Reviews. Yet despite his best efforts to seem like an intimidating tough guy, Rule always came off as a bit of a sweetheart. Rule plays Miles Montego, a mild-mannered former kingpin who has segued smoothly into a new career as a concert promoter and all-around musical maven. Then one day he meets Vanessa Leon pop star Adrienne Bailon through his Jesus-loving stockbroker Nicholas Halston Vincent Pastore and is absolutely transfixed by her winning combination of grating perkiness and relentless sermonizing.

A man used to sleeping with a harem of beautiful, undemanding women happily enters into a sex-free relationship with a woman who never stops badgering him to find God and walk in faith. Rule cuts such a meek figure as Montego that all he needs is a slight nudge to turn his seemingly charmed yet ostensibly empty life over to Christ, yet the film subjects him to the trials of Job in order to get him to change. First, it gives him an unexpectedly dying mother whose deathbed wish is for Montego to find Christ, as she always intended.

As a rapper, Rule was fueled by demonic, out-of-control energy, but here, he delivers such a sleepy performance that he always seems on the verge of a pleasant nap. Stephen Baldwin fills the energy and charisma vacuum with a wonderfully misguided, over-the-top performance as driven, Jesus-loving lawman Jason McDaniels, a renegade intent on bringing Montego and his crew down. It has the glossy look of a Lifetime television movie and lots of helicopter shots, but the creakiness of its storytelling and its unabashed preachiness betray its origins as a film designed to proselytize more than entertain.

Israel Houghton Set to Produce New Movie With Star-Studded Cast

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Cast: Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon, Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen, I’m in Love with a Church Girl, the new film from Reverence Gospel.

Christian movies are a hard genre to review. In terms of aesthetics, they’re rarely up to par with other modern films, and while a secular viewer is free to write them off as “preachy” or “boring,” Christian critics like myself are hard pressed to say something positive in our feedback. The end result is a project by Christians, for Christians, largely ignored by everybody else. Though the movie still suffers from a few trademark flaws that mar faith-based films, it succeeds in telling a story that will resonate with Christian and secular audiences alike.

For years, Miles Montego Ja Rule ruled the streets as a high-level drug trafficker. Smart, rich, and good looking, his criminal lifestyle bought him everything he could dream of. Then one day Miles meets Vanessa Adrienne Bailon and the two are instantly drawn to each other. The closer Miles gets to Vanessa, the more he feels pulled between the life he led and the life Christ is calling him to live.

Together, the two walk an uncertain path that inevitably leads to a confrontation between Miles and the God who will not let him go. The first thing viewers will notice about Church Girl is its style. Miles’s wealth allowed him a certain level of extravagance, and the movie keen on showing it off. Sports cars, fine clothes, and expensive mansions are a staple of every scene, allowing the movie to put its best foot forward.

But the scenery is just the beginning; while many Christian movies tend to feature amateur acting, Church Girl delivers powerful performances from all major characters.

I’m in Love with a Church Girl (2013)*

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Financial analysis of I’m in Love with a Church Girl () including budget, domestic and international box office gross, DVD and Blu-ray sales reports, total​.

A lot of them are created by producers who needed to pray over their motion pictures before they release them. There have been many faith-based films that have fallen short of glory, but a few actually are actually good. Should this Jam The Hype writer jam the hype? I think it depends on how you look at it. Montego falls in love with a church girl, named Vanessa Leon Adrienne Bailon , so hard that he has to switch up his usual dating approach if he wants to be with her.

Leon has his heart and God uses her to lead him to the light. Compelling scenes depict a story of God bringing Miles to Christ through his church girl and a series of unfortunate events and dangerous scenarios. Not everything can be revealed because then there would be no point in watching of course. You probably can tell many church folk will enjoy this movie just off the message, which is very powerful. Some Believers who are fans of Christian music will appreciate entertainers like Grammy-nominated emcee T-Bone and the legendary tobyMac being featured.

Some fans of CHH will be proud. Toby executes his part as well.

I’m In Love With A Church Girl

Miles Montego has it all – cars, boats, good looks, mansion, money, women, but more importantly, he has a past. Reverence Gospel Media. Review by CakeBug Tranch 1. Review by Patrickfaulk 2. There is a massive DEA manhunt for Ja Rule’s character and he’s afraid to go to church because he says he’s done all these terrible things, but these movies are too squeamish to depict anything remotely sinful.

I feel like it would be hard for this movie to really reach anyone out there who think they’re bad and unworthy of God’s love.

Cast and credits I’m in love with a church girl I watched this movie a hundred times, cried every time. Love it!! Got to buy it!! Kololi Unga. December 19,

In Theaters. Coming Soon. Best of Netflix. Best of Amazon. Generally unfavorable reviews based on 13 Critic Reviews. Generally unfavorable reviews based on 9 Ratings. I’m in Love with a Church Girl.

MOVIE REVIEW: I’m in love with a church girl

Skip to Content. Strong faith-based messages: God can transform a man’s life; even the most notorious criminal can have a change of heart through the grace of God, and other Bible-based themes. Vanessa is a loving, supportive Christian woman. She wants to help Miles turn his life to God and make their relationship one based on faith and trust. Miles is really trying to be a legitimate concert promoter and to leave his shady dealings in the past; he’s also very loyal to his old friends.

A few kisses and mentions of sex in addition to a sensual Bible verse from Song of Solomon as well as one scene in which a provocatively dressed woman flirts and snuggles up to Miles.

Christian all-star cast box office smash – I’m in Love with a Church Girl based on a true-story of a drug dealer come good Read more.

The film was released in theaters on October 18, Reviews from mainstream media were negative while the response from Christian media was more positive. Wealthy drug dealer Miles Montego meets a nice Christian girl, Vanessa Leon, at a mutual friend’s house, and the two hit it off and start a relationship. Miles tells Vanessa that he used to be a drug dealer, but now wants to change his life.

At first she is reluctant, but accepts it, assuming that he will start having faith in God. However, unknown to Miles, a few DEA agents are watching him and his friends and plan on taking them down. Miles’ mother dies from an illness, and he proposes to Vanessa on an airplane. After a car accident, Vanessa enters a coma. As he waits in the hospital, Miles starts to restore his faith in God, praying to him to make Vanessa wake up and saying that she shouldn’t have to pay for his sins.

Vanessa recovers and the two marry. He writes to his friends, who are now in jail, and tells them that he misses them. He also sends them Bibles and tells them that they better stay out of trouble since they’re going to be uncles.

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I’m in Love with a Church Girl TRAILER 1 () – Ja Rule Movie HD. 2,, viewsM views. • Jul 16,

A former drug dealer Ja Rule finds a good reason to stay on the right side of the law after he meets the beautiful but Christian Vanessa Adrienne Bailon. Official Movie Site. Miles Montego Ja Rule , a former dealer, finds that out when he tries to reform his life without giving up his lifestyle. Still residing in a mansion, driving a high-powered car and mingling with his old crew, Miles tries to be above board without getting out of the cellar. Vanessa not only reads the Bible, she lives it.

Prayer, gospel study and commitment to religious values are important to her. But as he spends more time with her, he realizes they are a packaged deal. Trying to find common ground as they walk very different paths proves to be an almost overwhelming challenge for the young couple. His definition of a man of faith leaves lots of room for interpretation. Trying to lure Vanessa into bed with him, he quotes some selected Biblical verses. But she stands firm in her resolve and he ends up in a cold shower.

Vanessa gets another glimpse of the former Miles when he pulls out a gun during an altercation and is later seemingly lured into the embrace of a Jezebel.

I’m In Love With A Church Girl

Synopsis: Cars. Good looks. Miles Montego has it all.

I’m In Love With A Church Girl with Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon Cast: Ja Rule, Adrienne Bailon, Stephen Baldwin, Toby Mac, T-Bone, Michael.

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Ja Rule Talks Prison, Taxes and “I’m in Love with a Church Girl”

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