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Despite having moved on to bigger, more mature roles since his starring gig as Beck on Victorious ended in , Avan Jogia still likes to reflect on the show. Especially when he stumbles across mind-boggling pictures from the set he has no recollection of taking. A confusing throwback snap he posted on Insta yesterday shows Tori played by Victoria Justice leaning down and kissing Beck — all while Beck is lying in the lap of his girlfriend, Jade Liz Gillies. Yeah, a whole lot of weird. We all know there was a love triangle between Beck, Tori and Jade throughout the series, but at no point would Jade have let Beck kiss Tori in front of her like that. Adding to the mystery was that no one among the thousands of Victorious stans who commented on the pic could figure out which episode had this odd moment. With no answer in sight, some fans became convinced the image was Photoshopped. I did some sleuthing and discovered that the moment, though real, wasn’t part of any episode. By all appearances, it went down while the cast was filming the intro credits for the show.

Victorious jade dumps beck script

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Stowed away in Beck’s RV, they make it to the beach, where Cat As team captain, Jade refuses to allow her on the team despite Tori’s scam, but when the gang and Sikowitz go to dinner together, Robbie makes an the kick-off episode to season two taught us an important life-long lesson: men suck.

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THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘Victorious’ 10 years later

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I think they want to, but Tori doesn’t want to be a bad friend to Jade by dating her ex boyfriend. Beck and Jade used to date but they broke up on the episode “The Wost Couple” but according to Dan creator of victorious on twitter, they will be getting back together in an episode named “Tori saves Beck and Jade”. In the beginning of victorious he’s with Jade together, but in season 3 they broke out the relationship and Beck is single. Jade doesn’t like beck, she just uses him to look good!

Beck likes Tori but Jade hates Tori. What is the dot above the lowercase ‘i’ and ‘j’ called? What is the toughest academic course according to the Guinness Book of World Records ?

Is Beck And Jade Really Dating In Real Life

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Victorious jade dumps beck Victorious tori the zombie Victorious Robarazzi Scam) She and Beck also began dating at some point this year (Jade Dumps Beck). See Aveon for the real-life pairing of the characters’ actors, Avan Jogia and.

Subscriber Account active since. When the first episode of Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” premiered in March , it drew in millions of viewers and became one of the network’s most popular sitcoms. From to , “Victorious” provided fans with musical numbers, sneaky innuendos , and a new generation of young stars that included Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande.

Keep reading to find out what the cast of “Victorious” has been up to since the show came out 10 years ago. Tori got into Hollywood Arts High School after taking her sister’s spot at an important showcase and proving her singing ability with the track “Make It Shine. Justice is also a frequent attendee at New York Fashion Week. And in , she told Huffington Post that she’s down for a “Victorious” reunion.

He was the first friend that Tori made at Hollywood Arts and convinced her to stay after she had a rough first day.

Is jade from victorious really dating beck in real life

Many took to social media to express their joy upon their discovery. When you begin to think about it, everyone in the show has something special about them except her. Andre has his grandma, who is seemingly afraid of everything that has ever walked the Earth. Sure, she can sing, but so can everybody else on the show. Tori decided that she wanted Hollywood Arts to have its first ever prom.

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Tori and Andre try to get Jade to date in order to keep her from getting upset about Beck dating someone else. Beck began life in a rooming house near downtown Los Angeles. After the producers decide to edit together two separate phone calls making it look like Tori and Beck are dating behind Jade ‘s. School where crazy talented students learn how to become real. Te of view past results. Welches live im Fernsehen. When Tori discovers that Jade, Beck,.

Blinking up at Jade with hazy eyes. Fanpop has Victorious polls. Jade y Beck ayudan a Sinjin en.

Jade and Beck

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Of course, we all know that Jade and Beck’s relationship wasn’t all that healthy. Jade Beck and flirty girls while dating Jade Is it really like that in real life?

November has been a nostalgic month. In my case, no show is more quintessential to my upbringing than the famous Victorious. Centered around the misadventures of a quirky cast of teen performers attending a prestigious arts high school, this show is a staple of my youth. In preparation for writing this article and in procrastination of all my final exams, I have watched all the episodes of Victorious available on Netflix.

In this episode, the gang finds itself in the midst of an intense heatwave, with temperatures averaging over degrees Fahrenheit. To cool off, they make plans to hang at Venice Beach. And so they have to survive the heat trapped, waiting for Cat who quickly gets distracted after her bathroom break and leaves the others behind. This episode makes the list for its iconic one-liners and inarguable hilarity, as the heat drives the members to extremes.

Robbie even drinks from a fish tank in an ill-fated attempt to cool off, which is definitely a memorable highlight of the Victorious cinematic universe. A sports team at Hollywood Arts? In this episode, Tori tries to make plans with her friends, only to be shot down by their ping pong practice schedule. It is later revealed that the team is just a giant cover-up for the gang to use school funds for fancy dinners, rather than actual ping pong tournaments.

Tori is eventually allowed to join in on their scam, but when the gang and Sikowitz go to dinner together, Robbie makes an expensive mistake Tori has to clean up.

Beck & Tori

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